Humedal de Mantagua

Discover the many wonders of Valparaiso by visiting Humedal de Concón. The biodiversity found within this region has brought in visitors from all around the world to admire the beauty.

The wetlands in this area are home to 70 different species of birds and a host of other plant varieties. Perfect for birdwatching, admiring the scenery, and potential scientific discovery.

This area is protected by the Concón Municipal Council who voted to defend the area against obstruction in the name of conservation and the ecosystem. Through this initiative this reserve is ensured to remain an untouched part of the region for many years to come.

Close in proximity to this paradise, Hotel Bosque de Renaca offers the perfect setting for you to engage in daily discovery while returning to your home away from home where the nature of the forest meets the beauty of the sea.

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